@matrix care to point me to documentation about this?
In exchange i will find the issue where your developer says that matrix.org itself does not have HA :-)

@matrix afaik synapse still cannot be run in HA mode. Should not you first fix this before advising others?

@fourstepper yes, by network firewall you mean what exactly? In oracle web ui?
That did the trick for me

@DJetelina totally agree except one thing - discord being a good product. I am forced to be using it and I really hate it. The only thing I like about it is that accounts are unique unlike in slack

Anyway i went down the rabbit hole of researching the bridging with discord as well and downright gave up of it being usable for my usecase. Even facebook is better in this regard

@DJetelina i will have prometheus at home, on the "critical"piece of hardware (that one raspi that should always be running), but plan to have long term stuff on the non-critical server with drives. But don't know what one node solution to use for this yet

@DJetelina are you going to use some other service for metrics long-term storage for home setup?

@fourstepper @DJetelina that would be real nice. We could ask some teama using docker-compose in pipelines to test it for us and eventually build podman to our helper images.

@DJetelina Element is just a client, there are others that works with matrix protocol.

I was thinking more like forcing them to put the backdoor in the matrix servers or calling everybody selfhosting "a provider" and forcing them to comply

Anyway, even if it wont go through, it is unsettling that they even try

@DJetelina I hope so, but it would be kind of funny to see the strugle

@DJetelina you made your own proof of going 95km/h on a road with 60km/h limit? :-)


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